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The Decker/Maguire
Wedding Adventure

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If you've come here looking for information about the Wedding at Fox Harbor in June, you've come to the right place. 

Welcome to our Wedding Adventure

If you are reading this, you are one of the special people in our lives. Not simply because you are friend or family… but because you are willing to consider the possibility of honoring us with your presence at a remote (understatement) wedding ceremony.

Having looked around at a hundred possible places to make our wedding promise to each other, we finally decided to find the most beautiful place we could to match the beauty of that promise. There was only one answer, The Lake of the Woods on the Canadian Border in Northern Minnesota.

For those of you that have already visited that part of the world, you know why it became our first and only choice. For those of you new to this area, you’re in for a special treat.
We envy you

The ceremony itself will be taking place in The Blue-Eyed Chief which is a very nice little bar on Flag Island. It may sound a little odd to have a wedding in a bar, but once you see this place, and you’ve had a few days to absorb the pace of this wonderful lake, you’ll understand that it’s not really a bar, more like a hideout.. Besides, no one has ever been married there before and we can’t understand why.

It’s walking distance from Fox Harbor Lodge and it’s right on the grounds of Flag Island Resort where you’ll be staying. To get information and room reservations contact Dave Simmons directly at (715) 634-8072. Or go to for information on the various packages available.

You have a choice of packages, for example you can get a cabin, or a cabin with all your meals included, or a cabin and your meals and a boat and motor. Or any combination of these options. And you can change your plan mid-stream if you wish. No problem. All of the cabins have kitchens so if you want to cook for yourself, that’s OK too.

You can even book a professional fishing guide and discover some of their secret fishing spots assuming the Fox Harbor regulars are unable to satisfy your lust for fishing.

As you make your reservations, please mention that you are with the Maguire Wedding party and they will offer you reduced rates.

The Flag Island Event
The schedule for Wedding Day (Saturday, June 29) is this: We’ll be gathering in the Blue Eyed Chief at about 5:00 PM for cocktails and to exchange fishing lies…. er.. rather, fishing reports for an hour or so. And then the ceremony.

After the ceremony (or when he’s ready) Dave will ring the dinner bell and we will all wander down to the lodge for dinner, maybe a toast or two, and a nice piece of cheesecake.

Then back to the Blue Eyed Chief for some dancing, perhaps one additional cocktail, and a certain amount of fellowship. There will be no band. You are the entertainment.

The Vegas Event
In addition to the ceremony on Flag Island, we’ve also planned a dinner event in Las Vegas. Each of you are invited to both events, but that in no way implies that you must attend both. If you have somehow managed to trek half way across North America and successfully navigated the Lake of the Woods to a small bar on a little island on the Canadian border, we think you’ve done your part.

But, if you are available, and can find your way to Las Vegas, you’ll be welcome at our celebration dinner Saturday, July 20, 2002. This is for all those poor souls who couldn’t make it to the lake.

The Las Vegas dinner will be 6:00 PM at J.C. Wooloughan’s Irish Pub at the JW Marriott Hotel and Casino on Rampart Blvd in Las Vegas. The plan here is to have a nice dinner, maybe a toast or two and then enjoy the live Irish bands that frequent that particular establishment. We do not know who the band will be yet, but the manager, Declan McGettigan from Donegal, Ireland has assured us that it will be danceable music. And one more thing, they craft their own Irish brew.

The Gift Policy
We looked very closely at each room in our home and have discovered that there is not one single thing we need with the possible exception of more storage space. So we request only your presence, not your presents.

Our Goals
A wedding is not exactly “free-time” and therefore the planning that goes into a wedding is to be taken seriously. But at the same time, we believe that the basic rules of free-time still apply…

Nothing can go wrong on free time.

It’s not where you go, but who
you’re with.

No plans needed

As much as we wish that every detail and every minute of a special occasion goes off without a hitch, we just want you to be clear on one thing. This is not about us (the bride and groom) but rather it is about us (you and us).

How to get there.

(click to enlarge)
This map will give you an idea of where you're headed.......

Click here for a pdf file that contains a map with the recommended driving route highlighted and also includes step-by-step driving instructions to get you from the Airport in Minneapolis, all the way to Roseau, MN. The directions from Roseau to Young's Bay are below.

There will be roughly 7 different vehicles driving from Southern Minnesota (ie:Redwood Falls, Minneapolis, etc) up to the lake between Wednesday June 26 and Friday June 28. Some are going up with only one person and some with as many as four. But there should be no problem getting you up to the lake one way or another. If you are interested in a ride, please contact me directly and we'll coordinate. 

The same holds true for the return trip. Kathy and I will be driving back to Minneapolis on Monday Morning, July 1st. We have a late flight home Monday night about 10:00 PM. Anyone who wishes to ride back with us is welcome. Just let me know.

For those of you driving yourselves up, the following maps and directions should help. 

From Roseau, MN   go north on 310 to Canada Customs at the border (10 miles). After Canada customs take a right (go east) on Hwy 12.

From Warroad, MN  go north on 313 to Canada Customs at the border (about 7 miles). The road turns into Canada Hwy 12. Continue west on Hwy 12.

Once you’re on Hwy 12 look for the gas station on the North side of the road. This is the turn off for Hwy 308. Take 308 north to Sprague. Continue on 308 until it turns into gravel. Once on the gravel you just need to follow the signs to Young’s Bay. Its about 24 miles of gravel and there are several turns. But there are NO left turns, all right turns to Young's Bay the point of departure for Flag Island. Use the unmanned huts to check in and out whenever you cross international borders. They have video phones and are self-explanatory

(click to enlarge)
This map shows pretty much the whole stretch from where you leave Minnesota at Roseau or Warroad, all the way to the Northwest Angle which is that little piece of Minnesota suspended up in Canada. Flag Island is just a few miles out in the lake from Young's Bay.

(click to enlarge)
This close up of Canadian border shows the stretch from Minnesota (either Warroad or Roseau) up into Canada including the turn off onto 308. The little gas station is the best land mark. It's right on that corner. 

Somewhere between Sprague and Moose Lake, the road turns to gravel.

At least twice coming and twice going, you'll be required to stop at one of the unmanned huts called "Remote Border Crossing Stations" or something like that. They have a big red STOP sign on them and you can't miss them. You get out of your car and go over to the little kiosk where you can push a button to contact either the US customs, or Canadian customs depending on what country you're about to enter. The customs agents will talk to you via speaker/video phones. They will request basic information about all the people in your party, your citizenship, your car type and license plate number, etc. They'll ask a few other questions and then give you a report number. That report number will allow you to verify later that you actually checked in as required. There is one of these little kiosks at Tom's Corner, and one right at Young's Bay. You can use either one. Best to stop at the first one you see. Tom's Corner is unmarked but all the locals know where it is. You can always ask directions. But really, there's only one road in most places so chances are you're on the right track.

When you get to Young's Bay, there is a Bar and Restaurant on your right called "Jerry's". Go in there and ask to use the radio to call Flag Island for a ride. If you can raise one of us at Fox Harbor we'll come pick you up. If all else fails, you can ask them to call Charlie (McKeever) who runs the water taxi and he'll take you out to Flag for about $20 I think. Worse case, you get to enjoy Jerry's for a while. And chances are, one of us will be in there eventually. Never fails.  

If you have any questions at all, please contact me directly. Thanks.