Falls - Road to Hana.jpg (478158 bytes)
Falls on the Road to Hana

Black Sand Beach.jpg (363345 bytes)
Black Sand Beach

Black Sand.jpg (213202 bytes)
Black Sand

Black Sand Beach 3.jpg (557487 bytes)
Black Sand Beach

Rainbow - Road to Hana.jpg (283382 bytes)
Rainbow, Road to Hana

Birthday Lunch - Dollie's sports Bar.jpg (242627 bytes)
Betty's Birthday Lunch
Dollie's Bar, Lahaina Town

Birthday Dessert - Roy's on Maui.jpg (243740 bytes)
Birthday Desert from Roy's

Birthday at Roy's on Maui.jpg (361222 bytes)
Betty's Birthday at Roys

View from our room.jpg (486553 bytes)
View from our room
Westin Ka'alipani Beach

Our Balcony 2.jpg (498600 bytes)
Betty on the Balcony

Our Balcony.jpg (430244 bytes)
Betty on our Balcony

The Pool Bar.jpg (447423 bytes)
The Pool Bar
Ka'alipani Beach

West Shore of Maui.jpg (332902 bytes)
6,000 feet above the beach
1/2 way up the volcano

Haleakala Volcano 2.jpg (423302 bytes)
Haleakala Volcano
(Chilly at 48 degrees)

Biking down the Volcano.jpg (580530 bytes)
Biking down Haleakala Volcano

Gump.jpg (366096 bytes)
Bubba Gumps
(Shoes not pictured in actual size)

Jimmy Buffet's Place.jpg (477632 bytes)
Jimmy Buffet's
Cheese Burger in Paradise

Banyan Tree - Lahaina, HI.jpg (744920 bytes)
Banyan Tree in Lahaina
Planted in 1873

Fresh Ahi.jpg (350717 bytes)
Fresh Ahi
Lahaina Fish Company

Lunch at Mixed Plate.jpg (302476 bytes)
The Maui Mixed Plate

Getting Leied at the Luau.jpg (479990 bytes)
Getting Lei'd at the Luau

Fire Dance.jpg (271797 bytes)
Fire Dancer

The Red Dress.jpg (316636 bytes)
What a Stunning Beauty....

Molokini.jpg (454491 bytes)
Pulling up to Molokini
For Snorkling

molokini snorkle.jpg (251203 bytes)
Molokini from the air