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Fall Trip

August 14 to 24,  2008

Not a normal Fall Trip. It was a "Guys Trip" but there weren't any guys except me and Fred. But turns out, that's plenty. We had good conversation at the fire pit, caught fish, hit the State Fair, saw some Bald Eagles, and even saw a big Muskie (although we couldn't hook him up). 

Here are a few pictures. And to make it interesting, the first group of photos were all taken, no joke, from the deck at the cabin. Should give you some idea how special that place is.... I took most of these in my jammies.

The arrival.jpg (483769 bytes)
The Arrival

Saturday Night 2008.jpg (239778 bytes)
Sunset Saturday

Fire Pit Deer.jpg (220761 bytes)
Morning Visitor

Morning Visitor 2.jpg (261290 bytes)
Fire Pit Visitor

Morning Visitors.jpg (362897 bytes)
Morning Visitors

Pelican.jpg (281492 bytes)
Pelican in Fox Harbor Bay

Eagle at Sunset.jpg (231290 bytes)

From the deck.jpg (139829 bytes)
The Fly-by

More Morning visitors.jpg (274432 bytes)
Morning in the weeds

Grill Master.jpg (398964 bytes)
Grill Master

Grill master and Supervisor.jpg (351344 bytes)
Grill Master and Supervisor

Pileated nest.jpg (612654 bytes)
Pileated Woodpecker Nest


These were taken elsewhere around the cabin, the lake's and islands of Minnesota and Canada.

22 and a half inches.jpg (244026 bytes)
22 1/2 inches (in the slot !!, crap)

Dinner Table.jpg (390680 bytes)
Dinner time

Firebag Island.jpg (581608 bytes)
Firebag Island. Lunch break

Fred's New Knife.jpg (212765 bytes)
Fred's new knife !!

The Stare.jpg (366748 bytes)
The Stare

Soaring.jpg (310006 bytes)

Landing.jpg (281653 bytes)

Loaded Weapons.jpg (915563 bytes)
The loaded weapons

Loons.jpg (310811 bytes)
The Loons

Air Guitar Hero.jpg (549651 bytes)
Guitar Hero

Where to Fish copy.jpg (641877 bytes)
Hmmmm... Where to fish....?

Bill and Betty.jpg (407129 bytes)
Bill & Betty

Grandpa Mick connected.jpg (552661 bytes)
Tech addict
Always connected....

Preparing for Battle.jpg (566521 bytes)
Preparing for Battle

Another one bites the dust.jpg (657714 bytes)
Another one bites the dust...

Mick and Caiter.jpg (512111 bytes)
Mick and Caiter