FHL 2004
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Fall trip 2004

The Drive up.
Rest stop for Rush

Cabelas, Sydney NE

Cabelas, Sydney NE

Arrived at Snoot and Kari's

The Lukkens

So... when are you due?

Web Cam at the Fair

Boomer's 2004

Beer on a stick?

Steak and Fries
(on a stick?)

My Next TRUCK !!


Cheese Curds

Mayday's next truck !!

Tackle Pastor

Now, what's a jig again??

Looking Green.

Thinking about Fishin'

How to clean Walleye

With our catch !!

Admiring the Geese

Mayday's 19 incher

Mmm... Rice Pudding

Spanky get's in on the action

Dick Newcom's dock

Dick Newcome and his

Expert navigator

Fishing the Gap

Golden Weeds

Grumpy's with Geese

Jerry at the Firepit

Group Shot, 2004

Just jiggin'...

What the heck is that?

Opening Day, NFL

Our own private Sports Bar !!

Cabin Sunset 2004

May's nice eater

Winding down a the fire pit

Mick relaxing...

Night vision?

Two dogs


Dinner at the Cabin

Two types of Fans...

Bad Beer Cheese?

Game Day, Joe Sensers 

On the Bus

Snoot and Kari

Three Fans

Some nice Pyros !!

Out of the Tunnel




ready for kickoff !



Vikings vs. Cowboys 
Vikes Prevail