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Fox Harbor Journal 2003

Ok boys, just a few quick photos and that'll have to hold ya' for now.


Saturday, Sunday and Monday June, 2003

Here's a shot of the new boat at Hoots in Ottertail.
The Gunboat - Hoots.jpg (83918 bytes)

This is what it looks like parked at the dock, yes the sun was shining, and the weather is beautiful.
Gunboat at the Dock.jpg (99083 bytes)

We didn't catch that many fish today, but we did get on Dog Fish.
Dog Fish.jpg (85368 bytes)

Here's a shot of the shoreline for Hose.... The grass is not coming in that well, but the place could NOT be more beautiful.
Shoreline June 8, 2003.jpg (141353 bytes)

Tuesday, June 10 2003

Wandered up into Canada yesterday. Tried the east shore of the tug channel almost right next to Gater Bay and landed our limit of nice walleyes. Of course we fished for about 5 hours before they "turned on". But once they did, we hammered them. More than enough for a nice supper. Not only that, but I caught the biggest Small Mouth that I've ever caught. I know it's not that big, but it was a surprise for me.
Small Mouth.jpg (126374 bytes)

By the way, even though Labradors are the best dogs in the world.. just remember that after you clean fish, you're going to want to throw the heads and guts all the way INTO THE LAKE. Because if they're anywhere near the surface, or on shore, they will find their way back to your front yard. Damn retrievers....
retriever.jpg (87800 bytes)

After a great, beautiful day on the lake... I wandered over to Lane's place. They've started construction and were making some noise so I went to say hello. I found out that Lane already dug a well... sounds like he spent about $13K on it. That surprises me. I thought he wanted to share the expense. I'll call him and see what he's thinking. Also, I discovered RC (Robert Carlson) and his brother Richard (The guy who owns the barge and who built those log cabins over by Grumpy's) were there working on Lane's place. They were just digging a trench next to the well so they can tap into it for the house. Also there was Jeff Gehrke. He's the guide from Flag who is staying at Keith Hyre's place and he's basially acting as the General Contractor for Lane's cabin.
Lane's Well.jpg (124442 bytes)

Damn this is stressful. They announced over the marine band that REA is going to shut off power for northern Flag in about 15 minutes. I'm trying to get this web site up.... and Betty keeps putting hot waffles down next to me. I'm trying to divide my attention but it's not working.... Shit !!

This last shot is a different perspective on FHL. It's taken from the front of Lane's shore. The near boat is Richards, but the far boat is right where Lane plans to put his dock. You'll be able to see it from FHL but It's Lane, so that's OK. If you had to pick your neighbor... Lane would be it.
Lane's Doc location.jpg (85173 bytes) If you look really close, you can see the Gunboat at our dock.

On a sadder note, they're on the radio talking about what happened a year ago today. I guess the sirens started going off because of the coming rain. They got almost 17" in Roseau, and RC says that  the lake came up 32 " in 24 hours. That morning the water level was pretty much where it is now, very low. And within days, the whole lake was three feet higher. Unbelievable.

Ok, gotta' run. Too many good things going on here.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Woke up this morning to a special guest on the deck. This one is for Dad especially. I didn't actually see it at first. I heard it breathing......
Spidey.jpg (140740 bytes)

Off to the tug channel back to the Secret Hot Spot...... You can see, the weather and the lake condition were both pretty challenging.
North of Oak.jpg (88027 bytes)

For those of you that don't use a lot of sophisticated fishing electronics... this is what it looks like when you "find where the fish are."
Hot Spot.jpg (84358 bytes)

At the end of the day, after a stop at Grumpy's, Jerry's and a few other local watering holes, there really no place like home. Don't get worried, Snoot. She's going to leave the "poker stick" here. You would be proud of her. Actually understood the subtleties of fire management. A cursory knowledge of course.... but it's a start.
Fire Girl-2.jpg (128319 bytes)

Hose, you'll be glad to know, that we burned all the old filters... except the ones being held down by carnivorous spiders.

Oh, and a new addition to the joys of FHL... Fire Flys. There's only a few, but they're very bright. Amazing. One even landed inside the bedroom window outside the screen. I can't believe how bright. What a wonder....