"The Clinton 'team' was certainly special - and their 'accomplishments' spring instantly to mind - along with their promise for the 'most ethical administration in history.' 

"Right out of the block there was 'Nanny-gate,' Joycelyn Elders, gays in the military, 'File-gate,' Whitewater and the Travel Office fiasco. We were then treated to flames in Waco, nationalized medical care, stolen nuclear secrets, humiliation in Haiti, a massacre in Mogadishu, blue berets for U.S. troops and tens of thousands of our soldiers basking in the Balkans. They put Buddhist temples on the map, piles of communist Chinese cash in brown paper sacks and gave us that great game, 'coffee, tea or illegal campaign contributions?' 

"And then there were the people we will never forget: Vince Foster, Ron Brown, Elian Gonzalez, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaderick, Kathleen Willey, and of course, 'that woman,' Monica Lewinsky. 

"There were haircuts on the tarmac, grand jury investigations, special prosecutors galore, stonewalled subpoenas, Lincoln Bedroom sleepovers, Wagging the Dog, and more foreign boondoggles and public opinion polls than anyone thought possible. And if that wasn't enough to remember him by, our Beloved Bill capped it all off with impeachment and a final swan song - 'Pardons for Patronage' - It was a special time all right."

    - Columnist Oliver North