Collector's Dream.     

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A Rare Beauty... and like new. 


Where were you in 1979?  If you've ever ridden a motorcycle, then you've heard of the CB 750 K. This was the definitive inline four cylinder before engine makers went to the V-Twin configuration. Four cylinders, four carburetors, four pipes. The famous "Four into Four".

Look in any book about the history of motorcycles and there will be a chapter devoted to the CB 750.

I bought this bike new in '79 and it's been garage parked for 22 years. 

  • ...    20,970 actual miles
  • ...    Original ignition key
  • ...    Original owner's manual
  • ...    Even the little reflector bolts that hold the license plate on are intact.
  • ...    Pre-Oil Embargo speedometer goes to 150 mph
  • ...    $1,000 in new pipes and mufflers. OEM Original Honda parts only.


These photos speak for them selves.

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For information, please send me an e-mail. I'm hoping to sell the bike here before taking it to E-bay.

If you're very, very serious, you can call me directly at (702) 594-7858. 

Ok, so you were 18 in 1979 and you couldn't afford one then. But you can afford her now. Put the wife in black leather and give her one ride. She'll understand......

Thanks for looking. She's a real beauty.


That's a steal.....