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Day 5 (Wednesday)

I would love to be a weather man in Minnesota. It's amazing. Must be the single most over-paid job in the universe. You can be flat wrong, everyday, and nobody seems to care. Plus, you can behave much like the "starcast" horoscope writers and include enough vague language that by default it pretty much applies to everyone. Today for example, started out to be the nicest weather day of the trip. Forecast was sunny and hot, high of 90 and light winds out of the south. Before we even got up the forecast proved wrong. At 7:15 it was raining.

No where, in three days of weather forecasts did anyone ever mention anything even remotely resembling rain in the Wednesday forecast. But lo, no upheaval, no turmoil, it's just accepted as the natural course of events. The weatherman must be a looser because he sucks, can't get ANYTHING right, and yet everyone continues to listen to him. It's like the really dim-witted guy that continues to get invited to parties because he's basically harmless. Amazing.

So, the rain was falling, very light rain mind you, and before the drops had stopped, the weather man was on the radio predicting...... are you ready for this....... "the possibility of rain showers developing at some point...." Unbelievable. What a useless bit of information that is. At what point in your planning do you stop and say. "Wow, there's a P O S I B I L I T Y of rain showers developing (and this is the best part) AT SOME POINT. I'm not paraphrasing. That was the exact text of the weather forecast. How useless is that?

Made no difference to us however, because we were not in the fishing mood. Everyone was talking about planning some fishing adventures but none of them developed. Much like the weather forecast, it was just talk.

Dad had planned a breakfast rendezvous with some lifetime friends of his from Baudette (pronounced "ba-deh") and David and I decided to join them. Bill and Betty Mow drove up from the US and we met them at Jerry's for breakfast. What nice couple. I got to hear more details of that period in history where my father was basically riding rail cars around the US with 15 cents in his pocket. Funny how you never hear those stories about your parents FROM your parents. It's not until one of their cohorts from 60 years ago is in the room. Apparently there was this period in the early 50's where Bill and Dad got ah.... well let's just say 'invited' by McAlister College to pursue their secondary education elsewhere. Hm..... I don't remember knowing that. Funny how after 40 years I'm only now learning about my father's struggles with higher education.

                                                        bill&betty.JPG (78524 bytes)

Anyway, they head back to Baudette and we head back to the cabin. We're going to drop Dad, pick up Fred and Snoot and hit the water. But....

By the time we get back to the cabin, Snoot is 95% of the way through the assembly of a new entertainment unit for the cabin. Hose brought it up but left before getting a chance to assemble it. Nice unit.
We let him finish that and then launched into a basic reorganization of the entire living room. Sorting all the magazines, organizing the VCR tapes, moving furniture, cleaning out the nearby closet.... It took a little over an hour and a half. Fred supervised from the easy chair.

                            tv_Unit.JPG (40937 bytes)

Then, it was almost time to fish, when one by one they started dropping like flies.... NAP TIME. What else? So we popped in a movie and killed a couple hours eating popcorn and watching "Soldier". 

Yesterday, while I was at Jerry's I made arrangements to get some Sweetcorn delivered via UPS if you can imagine. Turns out the UPS driver goes to Roseau every day and if you ask, he'll bring pretty much whatever you want. I want CORN.

So I called Jerry's to see if my delivery was in and sure enough it was. So I launch over to pick up the corn and Dad decides to ride along. The lake is smooth and beautiful. This is the most calm I've ever seen this lake at 3:00 in the afternoon. Very scenic.

Once there, we decide to have a little wine and a cold beer (you guess who had what) pick up some bread and butter and a little fuel and then back to FHL. 

Now, determined to fish, me and Snoot launch over to Frank's to check with him (we never fished at all today) and we did manage to arrange an all-day fishing guided trip tomorrow. He got a little excited just talking to us about it. Got me excited too. He basically said "We'll find some musky tomorrow." That's good enough for me. 

Now it's back to the cabin for a glass of wine by the fire....Dad was toasting his visit to FHL because he and David are pulling out tomorrow. (Don't ask me why. Neither of them have any commitments anywhere....)

Dad_toast.JPG (86566 bytes)

and to see about preparing a well balanced dinner of fresh sweetcorn, a nice smoked ham that David brought, and a few boiled potatoes. Fred was on fly-detail, swatting up a storm. 

fred_fly_patrol.JPG (77897 bytes)

Snoot was busy preparing for battle tomorrow. 

snoot_battle.JPG (66737 bytes)      snoot_battle2.JPG (70620 bytes)

I'm stuffed, big surprise. Now I'm enjoying my coffee and providing you these remarks. Thanks for sharing and I'll meet you back here tomorrow. Damn I hope I have some pictures of fish.... Geeez!



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