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Day 4 (Tuesday)

Not a bad day. Woke up happy... how can you not when the first thing you see is the lake through the trees and two Blue-Wing Teal paddling across the bay in front of the cabin. What a sight to wake up to. 

The first real problem waking up here is that somebody has to make coffee. You keep hoping that someone else will get to it, but the truth is, I'm always the first one up, so I usually get the honors. I just want the coffee. I don't want to wait. 

Today is the day Hose and Tony head out, back to the real world. So we linger around a while as they load up and motor away. Needless to say, they're not exactly cheery as they pull out. It's hard to watch.

As soon as they're gone, me and Snoot head directly to Flag for a quick bait stop, and some fishing advice, then off to Poachers Bay, in Canada. There are reported to be several rocky points holding Walleye but I'll be damned if I can find them. We fished around every rock hump we could find and nothing. 

Knowing that we left Fred back at camp (reportedly for some private time), we thought we might as well head back and collect him for some lunch and some afternoon fishing. But on the way back, we noticed we were passing one of Frank Walsh's famous Musky Spots, so we stopped there to throw a few Bucktails at the gators.

10-15 minutes into it, A STRIKE !!. I finally hooked into a little fishy. It was a northern, not a Musky, but this is the biggest Northern I've ever landed. Nice fighting fish. Excellent work by my net-man and you can see the result.

northern_Mayday-3.JPG (98189 bytes)

Took three or four minutes to bring the fish back to life after returning him to the lake, but soon enough, it gave a kick, a nice splash and off it went. Good as new.

That was fun.

Then back to FHL and a little lunch. I also took time to walk the lot next door as we get ready to close on it. Very exciting. Beautiful 6 acres and lots of possibilities. Great location. I'm happy.

The sun is starting to be a bit much, and David and Fred are just pulling in after a short fishing trip, so we thought we'd take a break and hit a couple local pubs. So off to Grumpy's for a couple cold-boys. Then over to Jerry's. 

By this time it's about 6:30 so what the heck. We decide to call it a day and hit the fire pit. Why not? After a couple of hours by the fire (solving several world problems) we fire up the Weber Grill and cook up some nice Porterhouse filets. Not sure exactly what cut of meat this is but the butcher in Roseau told me it was a Porterhouse. I always thought a Porterhouse looked just like a T-Bone only with a larger tenderloin, but I think this was all tenderloin. Very nice. Some mashed red potatoes, a nice steak followed by some lakewater coffee..... mmmmm. Nothing better.
Naturally, you can't stay awake for more than 15 minutes after you eat so I slump onto the sofa and drift off peacefully. Soon the rest are doing the same and another successful day comes to an end. A great day at that.

More fishing planned tomorrow, supposed to be about 85 degrees tomorrow. We'll see.

Meet back here tomorrow. 

Goodnight Friends.



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