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Day 4

Monday September 4, 2000

 Not a typical Monday Morning, unless you’re on vacation in paradise. In that case, it’s pretty much what you’d expect

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 Got up fresh after a good night’s sleep and decided to “Fish Minnesota” today. All that really means is that we’re packing beer in the boat. You can’t have beer in Canada so there’s a growing trade off developing. If you want to fish the really interesting spots, you have to go to Canada. But if you go to Canada, you can’t have beer in the boat. You understand the painful nature of that decision….

 Anyway, today it’s decided that beer may be a good thing to have in the boat and so off to nearby hot spots. But first, you have to stop at the Resort and get some minnows. Snoot and Jimbo are the most qualified to select just the most tasty looking and hardworking minnows.

snoot n jimbo.JPG (52794 bytes)

Funny though how your boundaries change when you’re up here. I know guys who think they’re cool because their favorite hometown bar has some mean old dog hanging around. Well up here you have a different type of visitor at the bar.

bear_tree1.JPG (98110 bytes)  bear_tree2.JPG (136365 bytes) 

This is a black bear that weights a couple hundred pounds. The really funny part is that snoot walked up to the bar to find Jimbo. We were looking for some bait and there was nobody at the dock. So he walks up to the Blue Eyed Chief and walked right under this tree. It was only on the return trip with Jimbo in tow that he saw the bear. But hey, that’s the way things are up here… you never know when there could be one of Mother Nature’s larger children looking down at you from above.  I kind of like that idea.

The summer rains have been kind to the vegetation around here. Here’s a shot of my usual parking space at our dock. Not quite the same picture you got back in June is it? Actually, you can barely see the boat. The round thing sticking up is the net.

Master_in_weeds.JPG (94662 bytes)

Before I head out, I have to reconnoiter the depth finder. My wonderful neighbor in Vegas and fishing partner, Jesse, ambitiously attempted to install an adjustable metal rod to mount the transponder on. Unfortunately, it appears that the metal in the rod interferes with the sonar. So I’m forced to reinstall the original configuration. This amounts to clamping a piece of 1 x 6 on the transom and screwing the transponder to the bottom of that.

After installation, I had to test it out so I went out front of the cabin and made a few high speed turns and such. While I was out there, I got a good morning glance from Constance. She’s the Bald Eagle that owns the high branch on Spanky’s Bush (the little island in front of the cabin) She’s there constantly so we call her Constance.

eagle.JPG (65694 bytes)

Off to fish. First real sunny day of the trip and the Slayer seems to be eating it up. Maybe she just knows it her last day and wants to revel a little in the sunlight….

slayer_speed.JPG (53635 bytes)

Fished half-heartedly for a couple hours. Moved around a little trying to dodge the wind. Floated around by the Woodpile north of Oak, then tried the bay just on the northwest shore by the very southwest tip of Oak. The secret seems to be the bottom. You want to find some rocks and we’re not doing a good job of that. Once you find some rocks, you can get a few strikes, but so far, we’re not boating any fish.

Hose is drifting around alone in the Slayer although he does have Talcot with him. Me and Snoot are fishing out of the Baiter (My boat has officially been dubbed “The Master Baiter”) You can tell even from a distance that Hose doesn’t really want to fish. Just wants to be on the lake. I understand completely.

Finally he announces that he has to head home. But after suggesting that he join us at the cabin for a little lunch, he agrees. God he’s easy….

Snoot fires up the grill and we enjoy some fresh grilled hamburgers topped with fresh tomatoes out of Hose’s garden. Hot cheeseburgers, cold beer, and a spectacular view of the lake. What a nice lunch.

burgers.JPG (84872 bytes)

After lunch, you MUST nap. I’m a little restless so I busy myself with little boat chores, but Snoot manages to find the best place on earth to nap.

snoot_hammock.JPG (62874 bytes)

As you wander around this place, you can’t help but notice that where ever you stand, the lake looks different. Some times it looks large and looming. Other times it looks warm and inviting. I think this may be my favorite view of the lake. This view by the fish house gives one a good appreciation for the feeling you get being here. Woods, green tree lined walkways, the lake, the blue sky. I like this view.

fish_house.JPG (83702 bytes)

If I had to pick a second choice I might be this shot. No matter how much you work while you’re up here… you consciously take time to rest. What better place to rest than suspended over the most beautiful lake in the world?

hammock.JPG (66912 bytes)

Fished over by the buoy west of Flag. Found a very interesting hole just north of the rocks and saw lots of fish. Even got a few strikes. I donated about 7 or 8 minnows right in a row but nothing in the live well….

Finally headed over to Jerry’s to have one before picking some place to watch MNF !!! Broncos and Rams. Between them, they’ve won the last Three Superbowls. This should be an offensive shootout. I’ll be anxious to see how the defensive units perform. We’ll see…

We talk at length about where and how to manage a beer, dinner, and the game.  We decide to have a little supper at Jerry’s and while we’re there, we’ll grab the sofa (front row) and the remote for the satellite dish and watch the first half at Jerry’s, then just after sunset, we’ll motor over to Flag and watch the 2nd half.

 Easier said than done. For one thing, we did not expect to find complete darkness at 9:30 PM. The clouds rolled in so there was no moon, no stars, and a nice rain. It’s pitch black and the wind has picked up just enough to make the waves a surprise. You can’t see the water so you don’t know if you’re about to launch off a three foot roller or just glide across the smooth stuff. Thanks to Snoot’s acute ability to navigate blind, and a little help from the GPS, we did manage to find the cabin on instruments. (Mental note: Leave at least ONE stinkin’ light on at the cabin at all times.)

We’re safely home but the game is not over. So we hike over to the Blue Eyed Chief to catch the fourth quarter. As we were opening the door to go in, we ran into Dave Simmons going out so he was easily convinced to stay for one or two.

Finished the game there (and a few Bud’s) and then hiked home in a light rain. Time for bed. Good night Friends.

-          Mayday


PS. Oh yeah, Rams-41 Broncos-36 (sorry Tony)

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