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Day 3 (Labor Day)

Day three is worth the trip. You can't measure success by the number of fish you catch, or the measurable progress you make. Sometimes success is defined by things too esoteric to measure.

Up fairly early and all heads turn to fishing. There's six guys and two boats so we're set. David, Tony and Hose head out in the Slayer and Fred, Snoot and I head out in the Baiter (note: Hose's boat is named the "The Walleye Slayer" and my boat is named "The Master Baiter").

On the lake and fishing by 8:30. Hose and his gang plan to head south of the island and try the rock humps out in the lake. Me and my gang head east 7 miles up into Sabaskosing Bay. We're looking for Musky. 

Sunny and 73 degrees, a little breezy but not bad. As long as the wind is not in the south, the waters pretty navigable. Today the winds are about 270 @ 10 knots. (straight out of the west). We putt around Sabaskosing Bay for a few hours, trying some Walleye and some Musky with no luck.

Then off through Treaty Narrows over to the Tug Channel and again we try our luck casting Bucktails. No luck. Then off to the rocky shores nearby to jig for walleye and no luck. It's about 2:00 PM now and time for a strategy session so off to Bonnie Brae, a nearby lodge with a nice bar. Finally some luck. They have beer and available stools. What luck.

We do our best reconnaissance in the bar, interviewing the locals, talking to Don the owner (who once caught a 33 lb Northern in the back of Deep Water Bay 1979) and we gather some useful intelligence. Off to the rocky points northeast of the "four little islands"

We give that a try for a couple hours and still no fish. It's about 7:00 now and we decide to head back. Hose and Tony are leaving tomorrow and if we're going to organize a group photo, tonight's the night.

group.JPG (61115 bytes)

So back to the cabin, after a fuel-stop at Flag Island Resort, and sure enough, there's a great fire started and nothing to do except enjoy it pretty much for the rest of the night. Exactly what I had in mind.  

Spaghetti night tonight so not much cooking going on. Just some noodles and the big pan full of sauce and stuff. Can't tell you how much fun the dogs are having up here. I would go into greater detail but in trying to be sensitive to Spanky (who couldn't make it but sent his dog Midnight in his stead) I'll just say, they're having a blast.

                                                    dogs.JPG (96882 bytes)

 Several hours and several cold-boys next to a world class fire and it's time to dig into the Italian dinner Minnesota style. What a bunch of oinkers.

Then we watch some video of a previous fishing trip (imagine being ON a fishing trip watching video of a PREVIOUS fishing trip.....?) Then it's light's out and off to slumber land. A great day. Motored all over the lake, chased some fish, chatted with a few locals, sat by the fire, talked about some important stuff.... 

                    hose&tony.JPG (95999 bytes)

ate like pigs and fell asleep. Those are some key elements in a proper fishing trip. Might be hard to explain but that's the core of any good trip.

Meet you back here tomorrow. Goodnight Friends.


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