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Day Three

Sunday, September 3, 2000

Slept like a rock. There was a gentle rain as we fell asleep (or passed out as the case may be) and it lead to a deep north woods sleep. Woke up with a bit of a headache and stumbled to the kitchen to fire up some lakewater coffee.

Today is opening day of the NFL football season. So that plays a large roll in our agenda. The plan was to fish for a couple hours (back up at Gator Bay) and then head over to Jerry’s early enough to snag the sofa and a front row seat for the Vikings/Bears game.

Unfortunately, we slept too late to do any fishing and the coffee was too good to leave. So we just loafed around the cabin until about 10:00 AM. Motored over to Jerry’s at about 10:30 and yes !!! We got both the sofa/loveseat positions, as well as the front row. And as an added bonus, Jody turned over the remote control. We are sitting pretty.

sofa.JPG (68452 bytes)

This is how it looked before the game. By game time, the place was packed. But not just for the game. They were also having a huge benefit lunch for Del Larson. They had grilled pork, and 15 salads, sweet corn, red potatoes, baked beans, and lots of good food. There was no charge for the lunch, just a donation can.

porkroast.JPG (46595 bytes)

The game was fun, though not a blowout. Vikes pulled it out 30-27 over the Bears. It was a noon game so now it’s about 3:00 PM and we’re ready to go fishing.

Naturally, we motor DIRECTLY (do not pass GO, do not collect $200) to Gator Bay and try our luck there again. 30 minutes of casting around there and nothing. So we’re off to some other place. All Canada again today.  We make our way over to Ed’s secret spot and pick up a couple little fish there.

By 7:00 PM we’ve boated a couple nice Walleye. Nothing to brag about but enough for a nice fish fry one of these nights.

Hose is threatening to leave tomorrow and return to work. We’re convinced he’ll hold out until Tuesday at the earliest. He’s toying with the idea of staying for Monday Night Football. We’ll see.

After yesterday, today seemed very normal. Back to the pleasant routine that is Lake of The Woods. I don’t miss the excitement of yesterday at all. That’s almost too much work for vacation time.

Fished until well after dark. Didn’t get back to the cabin until after 9:00 PM. Threw some Sweet Corn in a kettle and popped in movie. I’ve banged out this update while the corn was boiling and that’s about enough for one day. It’s 11:30 PM now and I’m ready for a quite, cool, north woods night of deep sleep.

Meet you back here tomorrow… Good night Friends.


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