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Day one

 September 1st, 2000

 This will be a very different visit compared to my last one. This time, I’m cooking for myself, cleaning for myself, and more concerned about ME enjoying the week, than I am about the needs of the very special guest who accompanied me in May. Not only that, but I have no K9 companion. Fortunately, Talcot is here and has already proven to be a sympathetic substitute for the absence of Rush.

 talcot_stairs.JPG (52807 bytes)

 Arrived in Mpls on Thursday night. Snoot picked me up and we went directly to the Mall to meet a guy about Vikings tickets. Picked them up (Vikings/Dolphins Sept. 10) and went directly to Gander Mountain. I need (not want…. NEED) a Musky rod. So we picked up a nice one and headed off to Hose’s house for some pizza. Then up to Battle Lake to sleep at Snoot’s Mom’s place in an attempt to get an early start on the long drive to FHL…

 Up at 5:00 AM Friday and hit the road. (spent about 45 minutes listening to Snoot hit the snooze button before finally waking him personally)  We took two vehicles because Hose still has the ridiculous notion of leaving mid week to return to work. Not likely….

 Stopped at Detroit Lakes for breakfast (Perkins) and then on north. Hit Young’s Bay about 1:00 and began the transfer of stuff from two pickups, to two boats…

 Funny thing happened as we approached the cabin. It was 43 degrees here this morning and it had been windy and cold all day. But in the time it took us to move our stuff into the boats, and motor out to the cabin, the weather began to clear off. Wind died down as we crossed the water, and by the time we were offloaded to the cabin, the clouds began to part and everything started to change.

snoot_steps.JPG (75749 bytes)

 Hose spent the next three hours doing “stuff” in his boat.

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  Snoot launched into a very productive “Fire” project complete with splitting logs and collecting paper as starter material. I spend about two hours putting the new radio in the boat, Rewired a few switches and moved the net holder.  I was also very pleasantly surprised to find that my boat had been painted since I was last here. Jesse and Kasha did a fine job and the boat even seems to run a little better. This boat is ready to fish.

 It’s about 5:00 by this time and we’re honestly discussing whether we should fish today, or just have dinner and call it a night. But the fire looks very inviting and so we agree to discuss things there….by the fire.

 OK, it’s 10:45 and we’re still discussing. We’ve had ½ a stick of summer sausage (one fire roasted piece at a time) and a full can of Pringles are gone. We also had the pleasure of some smoked Oysters…

oysters.JPG (74498 bytes)  fireside.JPG (57044 bytes)

 Its finally dark, we’re tired but blissfully soaking up the calm, cool night air. Some more blissfully than others….

 blissfull.JPG (70428 bytes)

 Basking in the gentle smoke of a North Woods Fire and enjoying a nice Don Yeyo sweet, fresh from Vegas.

don_yeyos.JPG (71369 bytes)    Snoot_stogie.JPG (50833 bytes)

 While these two solve several world problems, I head up to the cabin to start this journal. It’s just me and Talcot.

 talcot_rug.JPG (35678 bytes)

 Nobody’s ready to make dinner. Nobody seems to be overly concerned either. Everyone’s just very relaxed and very happy to be here…. Those of you that have visited this place, know the feeling. You’ve got a week ahead and you’re not about to hurry even one minute of it.

 Tomorrow we’re off to catch some fish. Probably Canada. Then we’ll talk about where to watch the Vikings/Bears game on Sunday. Good night friends.


Next Day....