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The annual Labor Day trip is officially underway.

Here's a brief recap of the first day or so. Wow, not sure I can cover this in the detail that you deserve as they're starting a fire and I'm at the dining room table banging out this journal. I'll be brief but thorough.

The trip to MN was uneventful. There's a new visitor to FHL this year. After several years of rejected invitations, Mitch "Fred" Schwartz finally made arrangements to break free and sample the paradise that is FHL.

Me and Fred flew up together on Thursday afternoon. Turns out Snoot has to work Friday, so I hung back to ride up with him and we launched Fred, Hose and Tony on Friday Morning on their way to the cabin.

But first, we had to conduct some very serious business. Thursday night at Hose's place we went through the very delicate and intricate process of picking our Fantasy Football teams. Yes I got Daunte. (Vikes Rule.)

After the festivities, we hit the sack and first thing (like.... 8:00 AM) Hose, Fred and Tony left for the lake.

Me on the other hand..... well, I was trying be a friend and hang back to ride up with Snoot, but as it turns out, NEVER AGAIN. Not because of Snoot, mind you, but rather it's the cost of spending in 24 hours in Minneapolis with nothing to do and a Cabela's card burning a hole in your pocket.

Yes, I made a Cabela's run. Down to Owatonna for the day and what a day. I spent about 4 hours there (you don't want to know the total bill.) Then, as if that wasn't enough, it was up to Mounds View to Thorn Brothers, a famous Musky hunters supply shop. The total cost of those two visits exceeded the cost of my trip. NEVER AGAIN.

Then it was up to the lake the following morning (Saturday). Me and Snoot started north on Friday night spending the evening at Battle Lake. We were in the car heading north by 4:55 AM. And actually hit Roseau at 8:45 AM. That's a new record. We bought groceries (and beer) and were rolling out of Roseau by 9:15. Another record.

By the time we got to the lake, the sunny warm day had turned dark an ominous. By the time we had the boat loaded, the clouds were overhead and looming. As we pulled out of Youngs' Bay, the rain started. We got hammered. By the time we make the 15 minute journey out to the cabin, the rain had turned to hail, and it was coming down hard.

We got soaked. About 12 minutes after moving all our gear into the cabin in the rain, the sky cleared, sun came out and 25 minutes later it was sunny and 75 degrees. Figures.

We fished for about 3-4 hours. Hooked up with Hose, Tony and Fred and headed over to the Angle Inn for the Saturday night Chicken Feed. Fresh Sweet Corn and Broasted (not fried !!) Chicken. Yum, yum.

Now were back a the cabin and I have to head out to the fire. 

More to follow. Stay tuned.

- Mayday.