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Kj and Betty's June Trip

June 21, 2001

Sorry that I've been unable to do a daily update. But here's a brief overview of events thus far:

The lake is at a record level. Spoke to Scott at the Bay Store and he says 35 years, he's never seen it this high. The Army Corps of Engineers measured the lake level yesterday and called it 1062.14. That's the elevation of the surface of the water. That's high.  If you want to compare that to the normal lake level, click here. As you can see from this photo, the whole dock is underwater. 

Dock view.JPG (76806 bytes) (click to enlarge)

The far end of both docks has finally broken free and they're floating on top of the water. Had some pretty bad winds Sunday and Monday and the east most dock separated from the uprights. It's now floating about two feet to the right of the remaining posts.

Spoke to the three guys who bought Walt's cabin (they were up here Friday, Sat, and Sun) and they're preparing to redesign and/or repair the whole dock. Sounds like they're ready to do something drastic. Very encouraging.

The wildlife here is surprising every time I get here.... Constance, the Bald Eagle is back on her perch out on Spanky Island, even though the whole island is pretty much submerged. All you can see is the weeds on the west end, and the rocks on the east end. The rest of that island is under water.

As some of you have already seen, there's family of Pileated Woodpeckers living in the tree closest to the balcony. 

Pileated.JPG (118878 bytes)    pileated2.JPG (49230 bytes)

These birds are very rare and very large. Over 17" tall and very comfortable with us being around. They spend the day coming back to the tree and feeding the babies. They've cut an archway door about 4 inches high in the side of the tree through which they come and go with ease. They've  even cut a side window so they can keep an eye on the cabin.

Frank built a new dock that was 29 inches above the lake surface 8 weeks ago. Now it's completely submerged.  Frank says "Three months old and still never had a boat tied up to it...". He built it through the ice and by the time the ice melted, it was submerged. 

My boat is looking great. This old girl is so tricked out now I can hardly stand it. Trolling motors front and back, a brand new floor and two new casting platforms, front and back.

Betty Transome.JPG (31236 bytes)

Replaced the two 6 gallon gas cans with two 12 gallon tanks under the transom platform. Now we can get up Tug Channel to Gator Bay, fish all day and still get home with 1/2 my fuel left. It's great.

Plus, the command console is considerably updated.

command center.JPG (74472 bytes)

The new Humminbird 400TX fishfinder has already paid for itself. I've got two radios, the GPS and a cigarette adapter to power the various accessories. This is sweet.

As you can see, the weather has cooperated pretty nicely. Sunny and calm. Had to use the trolling motor just to move around the flats. There wasn't even enough breeze to drift. Beautiful.

Stopped over to Rick's to talk to Duane and found a wonderful sight. A beautiful, custom painted Cessna 206 on Amphibs tied up to the outer dock at Young's Bay. Very neat. Spent about 15 minutes talking to Al Bennewitz, the pilot. He's working for the guy that owns Lunatic Island (out by Four Blocks). He only has about 400 hours on this airplane and fly's in and out of Lake of the Woods pretty much full time.

Eagle_206.JPG (81028 bytes)     Eagle_Cowel.JPG (65923 bytes) What a beauty. 

This airplane is big enough for four guys, two dogs, a bunch of gear and all the Nudie magazines you want. No Border Problems.... !!! We can put down at the dock. All I need is for David, Hose, Spanky, Snoot and a few others to kick in about $50,000 each and we're in business. Oh yeah, I'll kick in a share too I guess.....

So far the fishing has been spotty. You start thinking you're just stupid when every boat around you is catching fish and you're getting skunked. I've solved that problem by launching up into Canada every day. That way we can fish all alone and not suffer the indignity of watching other people catch fish. We're getting our share. Even Betty has landed a few eaters.

Spent about 4 hours casting for Musky yesterday. Borrowed another Musky rod and reel from Frank and Betty picked it up quick. She can get those lures out there with the best of them. Got a nice rise out of one Musky, and a couple follows...(we think) but didn't hook into anything..... yet. Back up to Canada today for some Walleye. When we get our limit (four) we'll spend the rest of the day hunting Musky.

Plans are to fish with Frank for a couple hours Friday night. I'll get some pictures and hopefully some stories to share.

Take care and talk soon.