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Tuesday, Day 4

 What can I say? Another postcard sunrise at Fox Harbor Lodge. I swear it must be like this all the time up here. I’ve never seen it any other way…..

             Tuesday morning.JPG (109451 bytes) (click to enlarge... this one's a MUST)

 Got up pretty early today. Both of us were a little anxious to get this beautiful day started. Even Rush was a little restless. Betty made another world-class breakfast and we were off.

 Over to the Resort to get some gas and some fishing pointers from Jimbo. He recommended the red buoy over north west of Brush. So that’s where we went. He advised against fishing the flat again today because the wind had shifted. He says you need a south wind coming off the big water to make the flats produce. Not sure if that’s right or not because we caught that nice fish there yesterday with the winds out of the north west. But anyway, off we went to brush.

 Beautiful calm sunny day. Perfect day for fishing, maybe not so great for catching.

                 mayday fisher man.JPG (52119 bytes)

 We drifted through 9 to 13 feet with crawlers on spinners and got nothing. On a glassy water day like this, it was hard to just sit so before long we were looking for a reason to go motor around the lake someplace.

 We had heard, from Frank at the Bay Store, that there was a full-fledged hardware store open over at the Angle. Just opened May 1st. It was only a rumor at this point.  I needed some inline fuse holders, a bilge pump, some paint, and some other stuff so we went to Rick’s to find out if the rumor was true.

 As we pulled up to Rick’s I bumped into Dave, the owner of the Blue Eyed Chief. Very interesting conversation about the lot east of Fox Harbor Lodge. More on that later.

 Rich confirmed that the hardware store was open and we motored off to check it out.  The directions we got were a little like the original directions to Grumpy’s. Rick said it was in the same finger as Grumpy’s, past the post office and before the bar.

 Turns out it is in the Pine Creek finger, not the same as Grumpy’s and that miscommunication cost us 3 Bloody Marys a couple of snits, a new sweatshirt for Betty, and about an hour of small talk at Grumpy’s.

 Then we were off to back track to the previous finger, where the hardware store is. The bartender at Grumpy’s told us to park at the Pine Creek Pub (another hour lost and two more Bloody Marys consumed) and it was only ¼ mile from there.  A nice walk with a healthy lab. But the Bartender at the Pine Creek Pub, Brad Steiner (actually the owner) say’s otherwise. He’s saying it’s about ¾ mile and if one of us stays at the bar, the other can have his car. I love this place.

 So I leave Betty at the pub with an open tab, and head off to the new hardware store. Right across the road from the golf course, there’s a building where they keep the golf carts. The hardware store is the next building to the south, about 100 yards away. Turns out it’s owned by an electrician. So it’s mostly home and yard type stuff. Nothing for boats to speak of. So I buy a couple cans of spray paint for the boat, and some fittings to re-do the waterline between the cabin and the fish house, and head back to the pub to see if Betty’s still there…. she was. Before we left we bought a couple of very nice, forest green “Chamber of Commerce” coffee mugs for the cabin. They were $10 at Grumpy’s but only $5 at Pine Creek. What a bargain.

 Now we’ve got to go to Duane’s to get the stuff I originally wanted at the hardware store so it’s off to Jerry’s. (Well it’s on the way to Duane’s.)

 Jerry looks good, and the bar is the same as ever. A nice patty-melt and mushroom burger and a couple of cold Michelobs….

 While there Betty spied a flyer advertising a laundry over by the golf course. We’re going to try and get some towels and stuff laundered before heading out.  If nothing else, it’s worth trying just to see how it works.

 Off to Duane’s. Got the stuff I needed and a few things I didn’t and then back to the cabin for, would you believe this…. A NAP !!

 A couple of restful hours later it’s up and back at the boat. I now understand why Hoser spent about a hundred hours sitting in the boat when he first got it. I’ve done about the same thing and mine is a much simpler machine. I replaced and upgraded some of the inline fuse holders (you had to jiggle them to make the bilge pump work) I installed a cigarette adapter plug back by the motor so I can run my inverter (which powers the boom box). Then I rewired (ugh, ugh !!) some stuff just for housekeeping purposes. This boat is coming along nicely.

 By the way, speaking of this boat. On the way back from Grumpy’s, I had pretty smooth water and about a 3 knot tail wind.  I was actually able to milk a full 30 mph out of it according to my GPS. I was thrilled. 30 mph is plenty and it gets you all over hell in no time. I’m not ready to pull any skiers but I’m happy as hell.

 The storage compartments in this boat are plentiful. They’re just squares of compressed plywood attached with hinges and latches and such. If I could put this boat in my driveway for one weekend, I could easily replace the entire storage system with new and beautiful wood. Not sure how to handle this project at the cabin, if at all, but that’s something to think about. If you don’t have projects and stuff to look forward to, there’s no point in getting up in the morning. I now have a great new hobby that I’ve never known before, Boat Ownership !!

 It’s 8:45 PM now and the sun is still pretty high above the horizon. The wind has dropped off to almost nothing and you can hear the worm droppings hitting the leaves around the cabin. These worms are indescribable. Duane’s wife Sue calls them Army Worms, and Jerry calls them Tent Worms. Either way, they’re massive in their numbers and annoying in their ability to stick to your hat, your sweatshirt, your pants and anything else that you’re trying to carry to or from the boat.

                     tent worms.JPG (81047 bytes)

 Charlie says there were ZERO worms on Friday, and here it is Tuesday, four days later and they’re everywhere. He says they’ll be gone in about a week and they won’t be back for about 15 years. They eat all the leaves off a tree and while they’re at it, they’re converting what they eat to worm poop. When you stand in the woods you can hear this shit hitting the leaves around you like sand dropping from higher up in the tree. Very interesting biosphere up here but it wouldn’t be the North Woods without it.

 Chili for supper (Not Hoser’s chili but it will do) coffee and chocolate pudding for desert. Maybe another movie later. I brought about 10 movies up that I taped off of pay-per-view and I’m planning to leave them here. I’ll bring up a few each time I come and we’ll build up quite a little library over time.

 Rush is a different dog now. He’s more attentive. Listens much better and stays with me when I go places. He’s been off-leash the whole time and seems to be catching on nicely. Walked all over Young’s bay today and he met a half dozen other dogs without incident. He just sniffs them, says hello, and then catches up with me. Duane’s dog, Chopper is a big Irish Setter/Labrador cross. This dog HAS TO weigh 150 lbs. No exaggeration. Duane kind of laughed and said, “Don’t worry, he doesn’t fight.” It was true. He just lumbered behind the desk by Susan and laid down. Rush had the run of the place.

 Ok, chili’s ready. Back to Betty. Hope you’re enjoying all your “civilization” because I don’t miss it a bit. If I can just figure out how to make a living from this little corner of paradise, I would be a cabin dweller full time. At least in the summer months anyway.

 Take care, and talk soon.


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