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Monday, Day 3 (Memorial Day)

  Woke up to another beautiful Lake of the Woods sunrise. It must be like this all the time up here. I can’t remember waking up to anything but this for the last half dozen times I’ve been up here. I don’t know when all this “winter weather” occurs. I’ve never seen any of it.

  Had another early morning visitor today, only instead of a giant moth, this was a tiny frog. Determined to look like a piece of wood, it laid on the 5th step up from the yard for a couple hours. Rush, and Betty and I stepped over it a dozen times.

                    frog.jpg (41386 bytes)

  Speaking of wild life, we are getting the rare privilege of witnessing a very rare insect invasion. There are not hundreds, not thousands, but MILLIONS of Army worms invading the island.

stripped leaves.JPG (75129 bytes) (this is what's left of after the worms clean of the leaves. Just the center stalk of the leave)

    Charlie says they haven’t seem them for about 15 years. Then they just seem to appear for no apparent reason. They strip the leaves off nearly ALL the trees. But Charlie says the trees will re-leave. They hang down from the trees by threads of silk and as you walk to the boat and back, the front of your shirt, and your hat and your shoulders get sort of covered with them. They’re harmless otherwise but they’re annoying in that they invade everything you’re doing. I’m sitting at the reading chair last night, and sure as hell there’s one walking across the top of the page, another walking up the lamp shade, and another sniffing around my coffee mug.

  Started the day with a full breakfast, three-egg omelet stuffed with turkey, ham and tomato, with cheddar cheese inside and pepper jack on top. Accompanied of course, by delicious lake-water coffee. Then loaded up the boat and over to the Resort for gas and bait and ice. Did you know that ice at Flag Island Resort is free? All the time. I was surprised.

  Then right out to that same gravel flat just west of Flag and 12 minutes into our first pass, bank. Hit a nice little 21 ½  inch Wally.  This time we managed to calm down long enough to snap a quick photo.

                  walleye.jpg (51619 bytes)

  Floated around for a couple more hours and got nothin’ so we wandered off to see Frank Walsh at the Bay Store camp. Come to find out he’s closing the store. “We’re getting out of the store.” He said. “It’s too much of a disruption”.  I was pretty disappointed. That place is usually floor-to-ceiling with neat stuff and this time, it was pretty much empty. He’s still open but not for long.

  Then the wind came up quite a bit so we thought we’d take advantage and head back to FHL for another go at one of those tasty Tombstone Pepperoni and Sausage pizzas. After lunch we sort of got “Chore Fever” and started working on the place.

  First we got the Hammock up.

  hammock empty.JPG (86161 bytes)        hammock occupied.JPG (70471 bytes)

  Then I tackled that huge Aspen that Hose and Tony dropped just east of the Fire Pit. Sawed up pretty much the entire tree. Left a few feet of the top because I ran out of gas in the chain saw. Hose, is the gas in the red can that I got from your boat premixed? or do I need to add oil? Where's the oil?

                aspen.jpg (116785 bytes)

Then I used the post hole digger to put up the flag pole. Hose that pole is showing signs of age. At the bottom, there’s a rusted area and a small crack. I couldn’t find the flag. 

                                flag pole.JPG (49378 bytes)

Also, there was a piece of screen material in the basement, but it wasn’t big enough to replace the screen over the kitchen sink, so I used an alternate method of sealing up those 6 small holes (I used the handyman’s secret weapon.)

  I walked the whole shoreline all the way to the north point and found a few more stakes. Drove them all in the shore to help retain drift wood. Kind of nice having the lake this low. The waves don’t even reach the cliff. Just the sandy beach.

shoreline.JPG (120853 bytes)

  I also identified a HUGE rock straight off our dock. It’s about 150 feet out, straight off the east dock. I tied a plastic milk jug to a big rock and we went out and marked it. The rock is about 5 feet square and only about 20 inches below the surface. Duane was here when I found it and he said…”Yeah, that’s been hit a few times….”

While I'm working, of course the dog is busy making certain that no enemy submarines approach the dock.

                        dog lake.JPG (60491 bytes)

  Then a nice stroll over to the Resort.

resort.jpg (37086 bytes)        blue eyed chief.JPG (37420 bytes)

  Finally I ended my day with an hour of important reading in the Reading Chair (Overton Boating Accessories catalogue)  

reading chair.JPG (40258 bytes)

while Betty whipped up a gourmet version of fish night complete with garlic butter noodles and sweet peas.

fish night.JPG (67498 bytes)

  And then a little Jackie Chan in “Super Cop” and that was almost enough. It was almost completely dark after the movie so we decided it was a good time to take a shot at the remaining unlabeled breaker switches in the basement. We managed to identify all but one. And I’m pretty sure the remaining unidentified switch is one of the heaters… maybe the living room. But the rest have all been identified.

  The big news up around these parts is the In-Fisherman, Pro Walleye Tour. All the biggest names in Walleye fishing are on Lake of the Woods for the three day event Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. They’re “pre fishing” today and tomorrow with the tournament weigh-in’s scheduled for Wed, Thurs, and Fri at Willie Walleye park in Baudette (pronounced Ba-de)

  Sunny, calm and low 70’s forecast for tomorrow. Life is a banquet.



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