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Saturday, Day 1

Amazing how long that drive is.  We left Hoser’s house bright and early (actually dark and early) at 4:30 AM sharp. Headed north out of Mounds View and in a flash (6 ½ hours later, after a nice breakfast in Fargo) we were at Cabela’s in East Grand Forks, MN. 

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 Betty posed by the Moose. And we picked up a few necessities (yes I hit 3-digits without breaking a sweat) for the cabin. Rain suit for her, cooler for the boat, New Leatherman Wave tool,  some new shoes for Betty and new boots for me (from the Bargain Cave) among other things. Finally bought one of those nice flannel-lined Cabela’s shirts.

 Then back on I 29 and up to Highway 11. About an hour later we were in Roseau and picked up some groceries (that store we always shop at has changed. It’s sort of a wholesale, bag-your-own kind of place now.) I got beer, and made a Pamida run, while Betty procured the weeks worth of chow.

 Then, north to the Angle. Is it just me, or do they add about 10 miles to that gravel part of the trip every year? There’s no way that portion of the route was that long last year. I mean it went on, and on, and on…. I fluctuated between, “I missed a turn” and “Are you kidding me?” for about 50 miles. Endless miles of tree-lined gravel. It was unbearable.

 Finally pulled into Duane’s about 4:15. Pulled a few essentials out of Da’ Slayer, and talked to Duane about the new boat. He suggested I go to Rick’s and ask for George, the seller. Then he said “Your boat’s in the second space on the right, in front of Ricks”

 As you know, that is a special parking spot. It’s reserved for Charlie McKeever and there’s this big NO PARKING sign, under which was parked my new boat.

 Duane had instructed me to inquire about George’s whereabouts in the store.  As luck would have it, I ran smack-dab into Charlie coming out of Rick’s. “Hello Charlie” I said reintroducing myself. I told him I was there to buy George’s boat and I pointed across the way towards the boat in question. Charlie says. “Listen, whenever you come to Rick’s, you park RIGHT THERE. That’s your special parking spot.”

 Knowing that he was screwing with me, I looked around the room at the 5 or 6 locals who happened to be observing this exchange and said. “Thanks Charlie. I heard you were hard to deal with. I musta’ heard wrong.” To which most of them laughed. Not because Charlie was trying to mess with me, but because it was clear that Charlie was uncertain whether or not I was serious. Rick’s wife finally chuckled, sort of slapped me on the back and Charlie kind of shook his head.

 Turns out he was a little miffed at Duane for parking in his spot. It was Duane after all who put the boat there in the first place.

 Called over to Jerry’s and George was there. He said he’d meet me at the boat. He was a nice fella. Happy to be alive. He had contracted that flesh-eating virus and almost went to that big Walleye hole in the sky. He says he would have been a lot better had they not left him sitting in the Roseau Hospital for 27 hours before a doctor saw him. The virus was eating away at his tissue at the rate of 4 inches an hour. He was almost a goner.

                                kj and boat at ricks.JPG (86015 bytes)

 Spent about 15 minutes with George going over the intricacies of the new boat (I’m using the word “new” very loosely) Showed me the live-well, the bilge pump, and the key. That was pretty much all there is to it. Me and Betty transferred our load from Granny’s car to the new boat and motored out to FHL.

                            kj and Rush at FHL dock.JPG (82832 bytes)

 The dock is in fact straighter. But it turns out Walt sold his cabin. He was pretty much moved out and the buyers had been in to visit. During their visit one of them nicked the power cable with their prop. The water is actually about 4 to 6 inches higher than when Scott and Scott were here last week, but still it was low enough that they cut the line with their prop. I didn’t know it but the incoming power line lies under our dock.  Walt says that the power company is going to re-route it onshore. Meanwhile, you can’t park on the West site between the weeds and the first dock.

 Opened up the cabin, figured out the water and power stuff and the place is as beautiful as ever. Unpacked, and organized the place a little and Betty threw a tasty Tombstone pepperoni and sausage in the oven.

                            walkway.jpg (87695 bytes)

 After the pizza and cold (ice cold) Michelob Golden, we went for a little post-prandial cruise.

 Upon our return, I saw Hoser’s sister-ship approaching the dock (the other Barron). It was Walt. He had about 5 other guys with him. It was my first chance to meet him. He’s also a pilot and owns a Cessna 206 on amphibs. Needless to say I was mostly listening from then on…..

 Chatted about the new buyers and then he got a phone call and had to run. I’ll see him tomorrow I’m sure. By the way, Hose, Walt says he threw out the lower-end in that Barron right there in front of me as they were approaching the dock. Can’t get it to go in forward or reverse. Maybe you picked the right boat.

                        Rush on shore.JPG (70298 bytes)

 Rush has settled in nicely. Keeps looking at me out of the corner of his eye expecting to get leashed any second. He can’t quite believe that he’s allowed to run wild. He’s absolutely intoxicated. Can’t even get him to lie down while I write this…. He’s just pacing. Let him out, he wants in. Let him in he wants out….. He’s loving it.

 It’s  10:30 PM MN time and time for a nice hot Lake Water shower, then some last minute tackle adjustments and off to slumber land. But first...... I smell home made brownies so I have to go.

 I won’t have the energy, nor the events to fill this much time every day, but when stuff happens, I’ll let you know here…

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Next Day....