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2004 Honda 1800cc VTX N, Spec 3

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This is a very rare "N" series. And the Spec 3 designation is even more rare. Honda made four versions of the VTX 1800 in 2004: C, R, S and N. When you price them out new, the C is the most affordable, while the R is considered an upgrade with some styling additions. It therefore costs more than the C model. The S has "Spoke" wheels and unique studded seating and again, costs a little more.  But most VTX enthusiasts consider the N the top of the line. And it's style, design features and price reflect that uniqueness.

Within the lettered series, they produced Spec 1, 2, and 3. Again, Spec 1 is the base model, Spec 2 has various design enhancements such as wheels, fork finish, floor boards, etc. But Spec 3 is basically a custom bike right out of the factory. Seems like a contradiction but it's not. The "N" Spec 3 is the most expensive VTX Honda makes. Base sticker on the 2005 model is about $16,000 and you can spend $20,000 if you want.

Here's your chance to pick up a 2004, VTX N Spec 3 for about 1/3 off.

It has 4,931 miles on it. Tank-Dash VTX.jpg (230820 bytes)  And it's clean, comfortable, and ready to rumble.

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Quick Sale Price - $10,990

More Details:

  •   V Twin Cruiser
  •   Hot Rod Retro
  •   Satin Brushed Cast Aluminum Wheels w/ High Polish
  •   Neo-Retro Style (N designation)
  •   Hot Rod front and rear style fenders
  •   5.3 Gallon "Flangeless" fuel tank
  •   Tank badge is VTX decal, no emblems (Unique to the N Series)
  •   Retro seating with removable passenger seat
  •   Straight-Cut 5 bolt muffler tips (Unique to the N series)
  •   Final Drive (Shaft) is Chrome (Unique to the Spec 3)
  •   High Polish Aluminum Rear Shocks (Unique to the Spec 3)
  •   High Polish Aluminum Radiator
  •   New Handle bars and Risers (Unique to N Series)
  •   Slotted Fender Rails (Unique to N Series)
  •   Flush LED tail lights (Unique to N Series)
  •   Kuryakyn Universal Iso Grips and the Kuryakyn ISO-Throttle Boss

For information, Contact:

Or call (702) 596-2632

This bike is in Southern Nevada, and could be delivered to most areas of Southern CA, parts of Arizona, and Utah. (But why not drive it there yourself?)